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Telemedicine Services



While being able to examine your cat and discuss your concerns in person is ideal, we understand that it's not always easy to get your cat to us for his exam. In some circumstances, a telemedicine visit may be an appropriate way for us to be able to evaluate your pet and help to address any worries you have.

Telemedicine Can Be Provided at Two Levels:

  • 1) For those pets who are current patients and who have been to our clinic within the past year, we can provide a telemedicine consultation for many types of visits. We may also be able to provide specific advice or prescribe medication based on the outcome of the consultation.

  • 2) For those pets who have not been to see us in more than 1 year, or who may never have come in before, we can still offer a telemedicine consultation, but we may not be able to offer advice specific to your individual pet and we will not be able to prescribe prescription medication until your pet becomes an established patient. Rather, we will be able to offer more general advice and may be able to discuss over the counter supplements, particular foods, or other things that you can do at home to help your pet stay healthy.


How Does Telemedicine Work? 

  • Our clinic is partnering with a service called TeleVet to provide Telemedicine services to our clients. You can download the TeleVet app for your android or apple device and use the app to request a telemedicine consultation with us.



What Is the Cost of a Telemedicine Consult? 

Each case is individual and some cases may require more time than others. Our standard Telemedicine consultation fee is set at $71, the same as an in-clinic physical exam fee. However, if your cat's case does not require the time needed for a full consultation, your fee will be reduced to $52 for a moderate evaluation or $27 for a brief evaluation. The fee is collected through the TeleVet app at the end of your pet's consultation. If it is determined during your pet's Telemedicine consultation that he or she needs to be seen for an in-person exam, you will not be charged another full exam fee, but rather a reduced fee or no fee, depending on your pet's unique circumstances.


What are Examples of Problems That May be Successfully Addressed Through Telemedicine?

  • Behavior concerns
  • Questions about a new problem or concern and you're not sure if an in person visit is needed
  • You have a concern about your cat but you're not able to load her into a carrier or get her to the clinic safely
  • Management of chronic health issues, such as inflammatory bowel disease or diabetes, where much of the monitoring can be done at home.


What if after the Telemedicine Consult my pet still needs to visit the clinic in person?

As discussed above, if we determine that your pet's concerns cannot be fully addressed through Telemedicine, we will ask you to schedule an in person visit. You will be charged a reduced fee or no fee, depending on the circumstances, for the in-person visit, since you have already paid for the Telemedicine consultation.

To get started, visit the website or download the Televet App here: